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September 29, 2012
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Phaya Naga ( King Naga ) by Feohria Phaya Naga ( King Naga ) by Feohria
Phaya Naga ( King Naga )
Nagas are the being from Asian legend that taking a form of great serpent. Sometimes they can have more than one head ( maximum has 7 heads ). They are different from dragons or other kind of mythical serpents. In Buddism, they classify as deity and guardian. Sometimes they are able to transform to human form.
(If you are interested, read more about Naga here : [link] )

This one is absolutely my original work. : )
I've got inspiring from Nagas and adapted it.

- - - - - -

I painted this to dedicate to Nagas.
I always admire Nagas since I was very young and also there are many circumstances which somehow related to my life.

This the real story that happened.
When I was very young and my family moved to new house. The place which has many historical stories and a big area of garden. There is a huge "Bodhi Tree" ([link]) in the middle and an old house that probably older than 100 years ago. However, my parents renovated the house and entire location.
But something that was so strange, almost everyone in the family as well as some cousins had dreams of a Great Naga, with onyx black colour wrapped around the Bodhi Tree. The first day we moved in, my parents dreamed of it in the same night.
Even the guests like friends of my family who visited us, without telling them about this before. They told us that they had very scary dream about a big black snake.
I remembered that I was very scared of this strange thing at that time, but another reason that made me confused the most was only me who had never dreamed about it. Then it took about 12 years later that I finally dreamed of Naga, at the day that no one cares about it anymore. I was so stressed about my final painting for thesis project. Though it might be just my memory or imagination within my head but in that dream I heard from it that " ....the colours are everywhere, even in the brightest light or darkest shadow. "
Then I got ideas from this sentence, until at the present some of my work usually have influence from this idea.

You don't have to believe in this but it's true story that actually happened to me. ^^ Though myself don't believe about this kind of story, but I do respect everything. That's why I decided to paint this work, specially to thank you.

At least the stories and appearance of Nagas are inspiring like other gorgeous mythical creatures, such as Dragons or Phoenixes.

: )

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you are amazing!. sorry to hear about your tablet. what kind of tablet was it ?
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